Imaging OpticsHeptagon’s imaging optics systems are used in mobile and smart phone cameras, which put a premium on high-performance, compact, yet aesthetically pleasing lenses.

Our breakthrough manufacturing processes enable us to integrate the system aperture, stray light controls as well as the infrared cut filter all onto a single glass wafer to produce a miniaturized, high performance optics system.

Reflowability enables our imaging optics products to be integrated directly into a manufacturer's assembly process. Heptagon’s no-focus lens eliminates the need to refocus the lens after assembly, thereby streamlining the overall manufacturing process.

In addition to their use in mobile phones, Heptagon’s imaging optics systems are used in other camera applications, such as mobile video conferencing or in medical equipment that require tiny cameras. Besides conventional imaging, our wafer-level optics lenses are also applied in high FOV cameras for accurate user or gesture detection.

Imaging Optics

Computational Imaging

Heptagon’s wafer-level integration is ideally suited for computational imaging systems, which require arrays of microlenses or imaging lenses. These next-generation cameras enable features such as 3-D vision, night shots, gesture support and refocusing.