SensingOur advanced micro-optics systems include miniaturized optical and opto-electronic sensors.

Heptagon’s highly miniaturized, deeply integrated sensing optics products span a wide range of optical applications and geometric form factors. They collect, re-direct and deflect light, consist of discrete components or complete, intelligent micro optics systems.

Heptagon’s optical sensing systems enable mobile phones to more intelligently interact with their environments, conserving crucial battery power by employing light and proximity sensors that turn power on and off, and reduce high power consumption in parts such as the display.

Our optical sensors are used in gesture recognition and sensing for gaming applications. Complete illumination modules with LEDs or lasers as light sources and micro-optical components for beam shaping and/or light structuring provide IR illumination for gesture-based user interaction in consumer electronics.

Key features of these systems – as in all of our products – are their very low z-height and reflowability. Miniature light guides redirect and transport light in devices such as smart phones or tablets, with tight real estate and demanding industrial design requirements.